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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Documentary:MARVIN GAYE - Remember

MARVIN GAYE Remember by kikachannel
If you saw that clip on youtube were Marvin was rehearsing with his band on a sofa, this is the full documentary. I came across it just yesterday and thought I should share, it's an amazing documentary of Marvin's time in Ostend in Belgium around the 80's. This just shows you how the music game has changed, back then it was just about the voice and some instruments and a bit of glamour but now it's more of a question how can I can make the news. Good music was pop back then and if your music was wack! you ain't seeing the light but now it's just the opposite. don't get me wrong there is a lot of great music out there but just that a lot of the commercial music is a waste of time and money, can't wait for the time when good music would be what's hot and my favourite artist would be on the radio all day.

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