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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Video: Out Da Box TV – 9th Wonder

The main thing that really attracted me to little Brother was that they created a bridge between hardcore and concious hip-hop, they fused soul music samples and hip-hop at the time when the new sound of hip-hop was almost techno. the man behind their signature sound was 9th wonder (guess ya'll already know that lol), dude is a living legend when it comes to creating beats and classic hip-hop music. Shoutout to ODBTV for this interview, 9th speaks about his career and his love and passion for hip-hop and also about his family, he speaks about the artist on JAMLA records and also his teaching career. From my point of view 9th is one of the leaders of hop-hop in this generation and you can tell he his a genuine dude, his music reflects his passion and love for the art. we appreciate you professor wonder!!!

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