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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Video: Shabazz Palaces: Bronny on a Breakaway

Some people might remember the MC, if you listened to Hip-Hop in the 90's you should recognize him. He was a member of the group Digable Planets, they did one of the coolest Hip-Hop tunes in the 90's called Cool Like that. dude definitely re-invented him self with a totally different sound and I like it. Album has been out for a while but people are only just getting on his level now, this is one of the reasons I love Hip-Hop! the level of creativity is Godlike, apart from Jazz music I don't think there is any other genre as creative as Hip-Hop. Shabazz Palaces is definitely on some next level ting!! buy the album on Itunes.  This was brought to you courtesy Guardian Live Sessions.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Video:MeLo-X - Exclusive BET Follow Friday Freestyle and Interview.

If you don't know who this dude right now, I can't help you!

I like taking long walks in the Park and throwing garbage at pretty people....

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Video: Doom Lectures @ RedBull Music Academy with Chairman Mao In Madrid

Never thought this was ever possible, when I saw an update saying Doom was gonna lecture I was like get outta here and just thought he was gonna perform but he actually sat down to give a lecture. Shoutout to Redbull for making this happen, I think this is amazing. This one is a must see if you a Doom fan because he talks about all the things you've been wondering about, apparently Vic has beef with MF and he is gonna do a record!can't wait!!!!!SUPA

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Video: Muhsinah - Zombie (Cover) @ Live at The Loft

Not heard this for a minute, she did a fantastic job. You can check out the original song by Cranberries Here. Shoutout to Live@theloft

Video:Dam-Funk & Master Blazter Live at Stones Throw's Direct to Disc #3

The God's in action!!

Video:Diggin' with Full Crate in Amsterdam

This is one of my Favorite Dj/Producer, you know him from Full Crate and Mar. He speaks a bit on how mp3's changed the music game. One thing I know about buying vinyls is that, they are! but at the same time comparing vinyls with mp3's is like comparing gold with money. simple, gold is valuable and money is worthless.

Video: Erykah Badu - Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

The Last Red Bull lecture that I watched that was this long was Questlove's interview which was amazing by the way. Listening to Ms Badu speak was like reading a book, she spoke about everything from before she did on and on to working with Madlib in New Amerykah albums and she even tried to do an impression of Madlib and Dilla. Dope interview from Ms Badu, and if you're Stonesthrow head like myself you should know the dude interviewing her. Word up Egon? Holla! You can check more Lectures on the RedBullMusicAcademy.