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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Video: Murs & Terrace Martin “On Melrose”

If you ain't got a smile on your face,you in the wrong place men. This is FIX men, this ain't about no gang banging, this ain't about no dope, this about women and and fun and sex and isht like that, that make you smile :), it's about having fun. it ain't about ripping microphones or destroying MC's, making their head explode.if you want to hear that shit men, take us out ya f%&king favourite list right now.this is FIX men, this is place were if you from Africa, if you from Europe, if you from Asia, if you from USA and Canada,  you come here to get realmusic men!lol! I LOVE THIS TUNE!!

Melrose dropping 8th feb via MursWorld, dedicated to Melrose Avenue in LA

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