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Monday, 9 January 2012

Fix Presents - Awhlee!

Was in Leeds last week Tuesday with a couple of friends, just wanted to go some where different from Newcastle. Got to Leeds about 10pm and was thinking were to go and randomly walked into Norman Bar and the dj's(Wosrillygud Dj's) were dropping some mad tunes, i mean some real Hip-Hop tunes I ain't never heard before and every tune was amazing. they played a tune which caught my attention probably because of the Luther vandrose sample and I had to go ask who produced it, they said Awhlee! 

came back home and started looking for Awhlee and thank god for Google, I found him. Even before seeing the video above I knew that this dude had a lot of love and passion for this music, you could tell just from hearing the music that this right here is from the heart. it's funny that the more I hear people talking about how Hip-Hop is dead, the more I find music like this! so to all my Hip-Hop fans out there, don't sleep on great music, do your best to support Awhlee. He is giving his music away for nothing, 2 EP's on his Bandcamp page, they cost you pretty much nothing if you think of it and one free download which you can get below.

You can check him out on 

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