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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Video: Talib Kweli @ Sankofa Lecture Series.

This is just something I feel everyone needs to listen to, the man like Talib Kweli (meaning student of truth and knowledge) speaking and teaching, he talks about a lot of things like;working at Nkiru Books in Brooklyn while in college, handing in KRS one lyrics as a school report, getting kicked out of school, the massive division between underground (concious) hip-hop and commercial hip-hop in the new generation of rappers, he talks about the importance of participating in hip-hop culture. he also talks about knowing puffy, his interview with 50 cent and how been tagged as a concious rapper can limit your artistry. I can't say it all so I suggest you click that play button and listen. THIS SHIT IS DEEP!!!!

"2 often we complain about hip-hop culture and we don’t participate in it, you cant complain about, u know,  stuff that’s on the radio if you are not calling up to the radio and voicing your opinion"    @TalibKweli.

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