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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fix Presents - RIPMC

I hate writing personally cus I am shit at it, but for this post I wanted to say a few words. For an artist to get my attention he has to be different and standout, with everyone sounding the same these days and having thesame beat on their record, also featuring weezy on their remix lol! standing out is kinda hard. but when I saw this video, I think it was the beat that got my attention. although a simple beat, it just sounded different and I want to say a big shoutout to the God Melo-X for posting this on facebook. as usual I had to find out who this dude was, checked him out in Tumblr and found out this dude has been doing this for a bit now (Late again on some dopeness) this goes with the saying "you can never know it all" I think i just made that up lol! Music like this was one of the reasons I started this shit! and I hope you like this. RIPMC is not just a rapper, dude is an amazing poet with a 90's flex and he is sure to standout, personally I think everthing about this dude is cool.

He has an EP out called the Purple Hearts, which you can download for free (you be a fool to pass on this one). 

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