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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Video:Aloe Blacc | MADE Space Berlin

I think that all it takes is one! like Nas said "All I need is one Mic", all Aloe Blacc needed was one song and now he is touring all over the world. In life we only have to make one right decision, one thought, make one right move and your whole life could change forever and if it was the wrong move or the wrong decision you would be going in the other direction from Aloe! check out Jimi Hendrix, it was one moment of madness that shot him to fame.Burning his guitar on stage, that isht turned people's minds out! even more recently Tyler the creator's Yonkers! OFWGKTA is all over the place right now. For Aloe Blacc it wasn't like he did anything crazy, it was just one simple song "I need a dollar" which the world could relate to and the rest is history.
Remember first time I heard Aloe Blacc it was on his first album called Shine through, he did his own version of Sam Cook's change is going to come and the isht blew me away and I never stopped listening. Aloe is in the UK this month, make sure you go support him.

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