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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tha Boogie: It's Like Andre 3000+J-Davey+Donnie! Seriously Though

Right! Just when you think you knew it all, something like Tha Boogie pops up! just earlier on today I liked a page on facebook for one of my favourite musicians! Raphael Saadiq and while checking it out I bumped into this video

Tha Boogie - Best Around (official music video) from Anchorbolt Studios on Vimeo.
I was blown away and then scrolled further down the page and found another link to an interview by SoulCulture, after reading the interview I just fell inlove with the group and straight away bought their album on Itunes!suggest you do thesame. it's called Tha Boogie- Love Tha Boogie(Steal this isht)

THA BOOGIE from TONE on Vimeo.
Tha Boogie is made up of Nuschool, Khorus and Legin, from the interview Nuschool said he emailed Raphael Saadiq on myspace and next thing he knows he was having a chat with him. thats pretty dope! think I am going to draft up an email and see if my account on myspace is still! for those of my friends looking for something new and fresh, Here you go. these guys are unique from the music to the way they dress and like the title, it's 3 in one! you Kian't beat that.

Follow them on twitter @ThaBoogie
Check them out on MySpace
Check their blog ThaBoogie

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