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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Lil Wayne – “6 Foot 7 Foot” ft Cory Gunz Live On Carson’s New Years Eve Show (Video)

Okay, right woooooooo! I'mo say this before I go any futher, Fix is dedicated to realmusic period! don't care where it is coming from. If it's dope we share it! If you hate cash money/young money this might change ya mind. Weezy and Cory went hard!!I personally like this tune and I don't care what you say!! Give props were it is due, Young money worked hard! Cash Money =  20 long years in the game! a lot of people fell off in 2! and they have kept it real to their game. they must be doing something right, I like wat Lil Wyane is doing. he is giving everyone in the camp a chance to shine, I hope Cory gets the shine he deserves!I wish Cash Money/Young Money all the best in the new year. Shout to SoulCulture , they are hard workers! Shout to WWHH! Watch out for CashMoney/YoungMoney in 2011, Birdman says they putting out 20 albums in 2011. lol! they not playing!

Watch Young Money and Cash Money 106 & Park New Year Take Over Here  , Bow wow killed it. lol!

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