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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

FIX EXCLUSIVE:Deejay LKP Interview and Free Album Download

When you mention the North-East of England there is one city that stands out, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Although it's mostly known for it's crazy night life, women,alcohol and the unpredictable weather,there is one thing that never gets mentioned and that is the music scene(yep! I know you are suprised). I've lived in Newcastle for a few years now and recently I've noticed a change in the night life, there is a lot more underground (shout to the CooLaid massive) events now and it's like the city is split in two.With all of this going on there is one man that has always being at both ends and that is DJ LKP, he is what I would like to call a double threat! a smooth operator on the decks, having sold out events on a weekly basis in different clubs all around Newcastle and also a great singer. Had a chat with him over the weekend and we talked about his music and djing, these are some of the highlight.

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