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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Last night on twitter all the comments was mostly talking about Kanye west killing it in a performance some where in Newyork, all my favourite artist were twitting saying if you not in Newyork last night you were missing out. A few people posted pictures of Kanye and I was like damn!I wish I lived in Newyork!only to wake up to this video. I am very proud of what he is doing, breaking boundaries! they predicted sales of 250k in a week but Kanye did 100k on digital sales alone in a day, this shows that not only we love and respect his art but it shows that as a people we can make history regardless of what the co-operations say. We can force them to play real Hip-Hop on the radio and on Television just like we did Exhibit C!and not that house ish! I hear every day, don't have problem with house music but there is a time for everything. I'm going to stop now and let you watch the video lol! I could go on for days. By the way Kanye West is the best dressed rapper in the game, he changed the face of Hip Hop with the way he dresses. I mean dude has Louis Vuitton shoes with his name on it. Stop hating and give it up! we shook the world wooooooooh!

Here is a treat for all my fans that love samples. Download MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY samples Here

More video's after the Here
Shouts to FROLAB for the download

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