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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Theophilus London - Flying Overseas

First time I heard Theophilus London, thought he was a from England. Only to find out he was an MC from Brooklyn Newyork, could not place the voice with the way he was dressed though lol. I'm thinking Brooklyn MC, baggy pants, Timberland boots, nah not this MC! instead he had ol'school hats and slim fit pants, which I thought was very different and unique, he had a style of his own! his creative and unique style of MCing,singing and also his fashion sense has brought him this far. Released a couple of mixtapes which you can download from his blog This Charming Blog , today he released a track which inspired the entire album(coming soon) and also he hopes would inspire young people to travel. He is from the new generation of creative and progressive musicians, inspiring the kids of the future. He is touring europe at the moment.

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